1 / Personal data protection policy

The company Le Manoir des Abeilles is concerned about the protection of personal data. It undertakes to ensure the best level of protection of your personal data in accordance with the European and French regulations which are applicable to it.

The user is the Internet user who connects, using the aforementioned site:  www.maison-peltier.fr

In France, personal data is protected in particular by law n ° 78-87 of January 6, 1978, law n ° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, article L.226-13 of the Penal Code and the General Regulations on Data Protection No. 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”).

On the site, the site owner only collects personal information about the user for the needs of certain services offered by the site. The user provides this information with full knowledge of the facts, in particular when he enters it himself. It is then specified to the user of the site the obligation or not to provide this information by an asterisk *.


2 / Who is the Data Controller for your personal data?

All personal data collected on the site is processed by Le Manoir des Abeilles, Parc du Mont Saint Michel - 50170 PONTORSON as “Data Controller”, as referred to in article 4.7 of the GDPR.

The data controller is the company that defines for what purpose and how your personal data is used.

In this regard, the company LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES guarantees that it has the technical and organizational skills necessary to carry out the processing operations of personal data in compliance with the obligations incumbent on it.


3 / What personal data is collected by the company LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES?

We collect and process in particular your name, first name, address, email address, password, telephone number, IP address, connection data and navigation data, order history, information related to the after-sales service of your products, delivery incidents, complaints.

The mandatory nature of the data is indicated to you during collection by an asterisk. Some data is collected automatically as a result of your actions on the site.


4 / Why do we collect your personal data?

LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES uses your personal data mainly for the following purposes:

- managing your orders and customer relations;

- payment for your orders;

- commercial prospecting;

- the fight against fraud;

- the security of our website.



5 / What are the legal bases for the data processing that we carry out?

The applicable legal bases are as follows:

- the contract: the processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract to which you have consented;

- consent: you agree to the processing of your personal data by express consent. You can withdraw this consent at any time;

- legitimate interest: the Company LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES has a commercial interest in processing your data which is justified, balanced and does not infringe your privacy. With some exceptions, you can object to a treaty at any time.

- the law : the treatment of your personal data is made mandatory by a law text.


6 / What communications are you likely to receive?

LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES may send you the following communications:

Ø information and newsletters:

Ø emails relating to your order;

Ø newsletters;

Ø satisfaction surveys or request for product opinion;

Ø postal mail;

Ø telephone contacts;

Ø product alerts.


7 / Who accesses your personal data?

The data processed are intended for authorized persons of the LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES Company, its subcontractors and its IT service providers.


8 / How long do we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data for 3 years for animation and prospecting purposes, without prejudice to any legal retention obligations or applicable limitation periods.

In terms of accounting, Customer data is kept for 10 years from the end of the financial year.

Cookies are kept for a maximum period of 13 months.



9 / What are the compliance and security measures implemented by LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES?

The company LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES undertakes, under the conditions set out below, to:

- take into account, with regard to its tools, products, applications or services, the principles of data protection from the design stage and data protection by default;

- keep the personal data processed only for the aforementioned retention periods;

- inform users and customers without delay of any event affecting the processing of their personal data;

- guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data processed;

- ensure that the persons authorized to process personal data for the purposes of its activity:

• undertake to respect confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate legal obligation of confidentiality;

• receive the necessary training in the protection of personal data.


LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES will take all necessary measures to preserve the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the personal data it collects.

LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES determines and implements the means necessary to protect personal data processing systems to avoid any malicious intrusion and prevent any loss, alteration or disclosure of data to unauthorized persons.

Thus, the company LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES has established and regularly updates its personal data processing registers which list the technical and operational security measures taken.

The LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES Company determines and implements measures to guarantee the confidentiality of data, in particular through awareness-raising actions for employees and recommendations of good practice regarding the use of their computer workstations.

LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES requires its IT service providers to provide sufficient guarantees to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data.

The company LE MANOIR DES ABEILLES ensures that IT service providers take all measures to prevent the disclosure or alteration of data, do not perform remote maintenance operations without its control and return the data at the end of the contract.


10 / Where are your personal data?

Personal data concerning you will be processed exclusively within the European Union.




11 / What are your rights?

In accordance with the provisions of the amended law "Informatique et Libertés" of 6 January 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulations, the user has the following rights:

- a right of access under the conditions referred to in Article 15 of the GDPR;

- a right of rectification under the conditions referred to in Article 16 of the GDPR;

- a right to erasure of information concerning him for one of the reasons and under the conditions referred to in Article 17 of the GDPR;

- a right to limit processing under the conditions referred to in Article 18 of the GDPR;

- a right to data portability under the conditions referred to in Article 20 of the GDPR;

a right of opposition under the conditions referred to in Articles 6 and 21 of the GDPR.

To exercise this right, send your request via the contact form.

No personal information of the user of the site is published without the knowledge of the user, exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold on any medium whatsoever to third parties.

The databases are protected by the provisions of the law of July 1, 1998 transposing directive 96/9 of March 11, 1996 on the legal protection of databases.


12 / How are cookies managed?

What is a cookie ? A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement, the main purpose of which is to collect information relating to your browsing on the sites and to send you services. personalized.

For statistical and display purposes, this site uses cookies:

- functional: essential for optimal use of the services offered on our site;

- analytics: used to identify the use made by users and trace their navigation in order to generate reports on their interactions.

The data and statistics that we collect by means of these cookies are used for the sole purpose of improving the quality of our services. These data are not communicated to any third party.

The deposit of cookies is subject to consent. By accepting the cookies banner appearing on the home page of our website, you agree to accept cookies being placed.

You can choose at any time to modify your wishes in terms of cookies and refuse all cookies on the website www.maison-peltier.fr.

Warning: if you choose to refuse certain cookies, it is possible that certain functions no longer work correctly.